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Jun 12th, 2013

Stalking the Wild Sea Bean: A Good Excuse to Trudge Around the Marsh

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Other than early strawberries and a few odds and ends, New England–always the proper lady–often makes you wait quite a long time before sampling her fruitful bounty each summer.  Indeed, the tomatoes are green and the lobsters are soft; however, one seaside gift from the gods is at its best this month–the wild sea bean. What you may ask is a sea bean?  They are a gnarly little sea vegetable that looks […]

Mar 22nd, 2013

Wet Storage: Flavor’s Foe

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We talk a lot around here about “merroir” and flavor being a function of geography.  Its the very thing that people love about oysters–not on their first attempt, but its what keeps people coming back, its what makes people identify themselves as “oyster eaters”, and its the fuel that oyster culture runs on.  For the uninitiated this simply means that the reason a Wellfleet is different than an Island Creek […]

Mar 18th, 2013

Baby Oysters

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As the weather begins to change our Island Creek Shellfish Hatchery begins the arduous task of creating our shellfish babies. Our hatchery started up in early January, prepping to feed our adult studs and their millions of babies. We began growing small starter cultures of six algae species from around the world and have since progressed to large cultures to keep up with the demand. We are still early in […]

Feb 1st, 2013

Sitting pretty in The Catbird Seat


It’s hard to talk about your best meal. There are too many factors that make a moment great. Certainly there is no better meal in my mind than the one my mother cooks on Sunday, one scotch deep, roast chicken with the trimmings, sitting on the couch next to the fireplace. The chicken isn’t organic and the karmic weight of that feel heavy. The meal is not the healthiest, and […]

Jan 28th, 2013

Have Boat, Will Travel

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We woke up this morning to a sight we haven’t seen in a few years, a sheet of ice a few inches thick that spanned the width of the Bay from the harbor to the beach.  The forecast is looking like this arctic air isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so there’s a chance things will be locked up more or less through February.  I’m pretty excited about this because its been a […]

Jan 11th, 2013

Resolution 2013: Better Health Through Labels

Certified Stamps

Well, its that time of year.  The holidays are hay-making time among the bon vivants here at Island Creek.  We all toil: hair-on-fire oyster harvesting is followed by long hours filling immense amounts of retail orders and getting product out to our restaurant customers for the ravenous post-shopping hordes and in-the-spirit merrymakers who pour into their dining rooms.  We also revel: its a great time of year to call in […]

Oct 11th, 2012

The Fall of the Year

Duxbury Fall Autumn Beach Bay

Work at Island Creek concluded a little past five tonight and over a high tide in Duxbury Bay a crisp October evening spread before us.  Many different flocks of terns were visible across the 10,000 or so acres that comprise this remarkable little body of water–the backdrop of this town’s little pageant of life.  In a place where the weather is terrible 70% of the year and the tide is […]

Sep 26th, 2012

Bring on the Bycatch


Bycatch is a term that very few people who are not directly involved in fisheries are familiar with; however, a growing number of us are now seafood consumers and, as such, need to start learning about the protein we are putting on our dinner tables and into our bellies.  That’s not to say your average seafood department shopper at the super market should be able to wax poetic on the […]

Sep 13th, 2012

How can we make a community with people we’ve never met?


This is a question that the sales team asks themselves every day at Island Creek. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s back up so you know why we ask the question, and why it matters. At ICO we start with great product. Perhaps you’ve heard us talk about that a few times? Our oysters are our foundation, the bottom line that everything else rests upon. It’s the water, […]

May 9th, 2012

Why I like the James Beard Awards


Sunday night was the culmination of the annual James Beard awards in New York City. I like the James Beard awards. I think they matter. Oftentimes in our industry, there is so much written, reviewed, discussed, and critiqued, it’s nice, once a year, to pause as an industry and recognize truly remarkable accomplishments by some amazingly talented people. Sure, everyone will argue about who won and who should have won, but […]